My boobs are hard

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Kagatilar 3 years ago
Oh I think they are motivated. One woman is staying here to sell the house and her partner has already moved out of state. *fingers crossed*
Gulkis 3 years ago
so this is a thing? why? just why?
Natilar 3 years ago
A convoluted opinion but here goes: It's weird how people get so angry about the dumbest things, like the neighbor's grass being 1/4 inch over the requirement, but when someone in the news apologizes for doing or saying something completely horrible, they shrug their shoulders and go, "well at least he 'pologized." Priorities, people!
Faejar 3 years ago
Hey we r a couple looking for fun. We stay in Lancaster
Vuktilar 3 years ago
Thanks for the add on gorgeous

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